Quick Log

For the first week of GSoC, I don’t really remember what I did everyday, but here are a list of things that have been done though anyway:

Dreamweb intro functioning
The intro has proper TTS in most cases, we are fixing the way we do it, and adding support to Russian and Czech.
For other parts, the actions are already given TTS, so are most of the dialogues. The missing parts are objects, room names, and small parts of the dialogues

Laurabow2 intro progress
Most of the text are found in the code. I also have the game so we might consider working on it too….?

PR of Griffon Merged Merged
Started working on the April 1, merged around the first day of GSoC
Thank you criezy for merging and mentoring. Thank you also sev and Kesha for all the guidance, and also other community members for helping out. Yes, I will always remember this.

And this:

“Ever since I was a child…..”

For Griffon PR

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