Week 2 – Some progress and cleanup

After adding the games to detection, the next step would be to work on the actual code responsible for detecting and loading the game. Since I am just porting over C code for this engine, most of work consists of just formatting everything to look good and change things when needed to integrate it with the existing ScummVM code.

The way I did this during my pre-GSoC task was to first recognize which files needed to be implemented and tackle them one by one. While this approach was initially fast, it became quite some work towards the end when I had to bring everything together. Also it only worked because back then I didn’t have the best git habits and would commit at random without caring about the code compiling.

This time I am trying to follow some basic rules (keep commits atomic and compile-able, etc.) which was a bit difficult because I wasn’t used to this and ended up writing a lot of code again without committing which caused me to lose a fair bit of time and work in fixing that ?. I am trying to be more careful so that this can be avoided during the actual coding period.

I did push some commits this week and got a bunch of feedback, mostly related to formatting and style issues and as of writing this I have already fixed them. I haven’t encountered any other problem with the porting process which is great.

That’s it for this week. Thanks for reading and see you next week.

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