The Teen Agent is showing signs of life…

Well, Its not much of an update but a small update is better than no update, and its got me pretty excited. This blog post is about the status of TeenAgent if you hadnt guessed it and Id like to mention that It is now possible to view image resources in ScummVM, at first with the help of salty-horse I was able to get a resource loader working, This resource loader simply found the location of a resource from a given resource number
not that great I hear you say.. well after that I decided it was time to actually use some of these resources, I mean whats the point in loading them if you dont know how to use them. This is where I decided to look at TeenAgents ADVERT.RES, which corresponds to the ordering info page visible from the main menu, this ordering info page consists of a function which allows the user to move between the 11 resources in the ADVERT.RES file (which magically correspond to the 11 pages of the ordering info page) and then displays them to the screen.
With the help of _sev It became clear that the image resources were very simple and consisted of nothing but image data and pallete data(duh)
Within 20 minutes _sev had provided code which would then display my image resources to the screen in ScummVM, right now its currently possible to move between the ordering info pages EXACTLY like in the original game.
So many thanks for all the help I have recieved so far, its got me to a point where I have something that I think is worthwhile to show.
I hope you enjoy as much as I do 🙂