Maniac Mansion Famicom

Some people may know I was working on reverse engineering Maniac Mansion for the Famicom, If you know that then you probably know that its remarkably different to the version for the NES, the only thing that could be compared to the other versions of this game is the storyline.

My reverse engineering attempt for this game is quite slow and often stalls for months on end.
I will try and get an idea of where I am uploaded within the next month or so.

Incase anyone reads this and thinks they might be able to help out then feel free to comment.

Loom TG16/PC Engine.

Over the past week I have been attempting to rally up some support to get this game supported properly in ScummVM.
tomaitheo from Efnet #utopiasoft has been invaluable and Is currently working at figuring out the image format for the oi(object images) and smap(backgrounds) scumm resources. (Editor’s notice: Unfortunately, the site is not available through and has to be considered lost.)

Also on the site is the legendary dumpcd software, in DOS/WIN32 and also includes linux source.
However if you cant get that to run there is also TurboRip, if you need to use TurboRip there are also instructions included for how to edit the output iso file to make it compatible with extract_loom_tg16.exe
Also included is a text file with the correct md5 checksums for the ripped iso, and for the output from the extract tool on 00.lfl
No doubt with tomaitheo’s skill there will be some interesting work on this version of Loom

Now just to work out where the sound effects lay 🙂