Start of the graphics rework

This week I started working on the graphics component of the engine, which is probably going to be the biggest task of the project. There’s a lot of code to look at and trying to understand what is going on has been the biggest challenge yet. The first thing I worked on was the LowLevelGraphicsSDL […]

Compiling the game and completing resource loading

The first thing I worked on this week was finishing up the code that does resource loading which has now been moved to the LowLevelResources class inside of the resources folder. After doing that I worked on bringing in the game code. This was easier than expected with only a few problems with conversions from […]

Game detection, engine compilation and resource loading

It’s been three weeks since my last blog post. The time working on the project has mostly been spent reading code with very little writing. The first thing I’ve worked on was creating the engine’s basics and implement some detection. For now, the code looks for the Penumbra.exe file but there are plans to expand […]


Hello everyone. My name is Emanuele and I’m extremely excited to be a contributor for this year’s GSOC. I first heard about ScummVM on CppCast and when someone mentioned GSOC to me this year it was one of the first organizations I looked at. My project involves porting the HPL1 engine with the goal of […]