Finishing saves and testing the game

I started this week by implementing thumbnails for game saves. For this I needed to override the MetaEngine’s getSavegameThumbnail method, since the default one didn’t work with an OpenGL context. After that, I encountered a problem with the way the thumbnail looked in ScummVM. Initially, I thought it was a problem with my implementation of the […]

Looking into some bugs and implementing saves

I started this week by fixing an audio bug that was playing some sounds on loop if they had been triggered once and the player got far enough away. Initially I thought this might be a physics issue, but the problem turned out to be that the pause member variable for the sound channel class […]

Finishing shaders

This week I worked on shaders, fixing bugs from previous weeks. The first of these was a missing light on the right side of the room. This was a general problem that effected all spotlights (implemented with projective texture mapping), including the flashlight that can be picked up in the first level. Initially I thought […]

Finishing audio and fixing old bugs

I started this week by finishing up the audio system. For now, the sound data class only stores the filename of the audio asset, loading it from the file every time a new sound channel is created (these could refer to anything from the main menu’s music to the sound of one of the keyboard […]

Debugging shaders

At the start of this week, graphics with shaders were extremely broken. There were mainly two causes of this. The first was that one of the shader class member functions to set uniform matrices was implemented incorrectly.  The other problem was in the shader code. Right now, all of the vertex shaders attributes come from […]