Working on shaders

This week I worked on the shader system of the engine. The first thing I did was to translate the shader from the CG language, which is very similar to HLSL (the shading language used in Direct3D) to GLSL, the OpenGL shading language. The two are somewhat similar but there are some important differences. The […]

Working on scripting and physics

This week I finally got the game to run, although it’s still in a rough shape.    The first thing I did was to add the scripting library. This didn’t take very long, with only a few compilation issues. Here, there is still some cleanup required to remove the unused platform specific calling conventions. Additional components […]

First visuals and image loading trouble

The first thing I’ve worked this week was trying to display the game’s intro. This required removing some code that had not yet been implemented and fixing problems with the new implementations of font loading and of the Bitmap2D class. One interesting problem that came up while loading the game’s assets, was that one of […]

Start of the graphics rework

This week I started working on the graphics component of the engine, which is probably going to be the biggest task of the project. There’s a lot of code to look at and trying to understand what is going on has been the biggest challenge yet. The first thing I worked on was the LowLevelGraphicsSDL […]