Thursday, May 15, 2008

Since last post I’ve installed at least one game for each engine. A couple of these I own or were available for free, and for the rest I’ve installed the demos available on the ScummVM website.

I’ve modified the main run loop to return to the launcher when an engine exits. I am now working on getting the AGOS engine to properly and cleanly return to the launcher. I’ve already identified and fixed a few memory leaks using Valgrind.

I’ve never used Valgrind before, so I’ve been reading up on it quite a bit and I’ve learned a lot. I am now beginning to feel comfortable using it.

Presently, I’m about to take a close look at the Scumm Engine to see how it quits so that I can implement a similar technique in the other engines, beginning with AGOS.

Also, maybe this isn’t important but I thought I would mention that I was going to use CodeBlocks or some other IDE to work on this project, but I’ve decided that for now I have all I need just using the terminal and vim.