Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Coding phase has officially begun as of yesterday. The past couple of weeks have served as a good introduction for me. I have become more familiar with the ScummVM code, the ScummVM community, and the tools that I will be using regularly to complete this project. I feel like I have already learned a lot.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Since last post I’ve installed at least one game for each engine. A couple of these I own or were available for free, and for the rest I’ve installed the demos available on the ScummVM website.

I’ve modified the main run loop to return to the launcher when an engine exits. I am now working on getting the AGOS engine to properly and cleanly return to the launcher. I’ve already identified and fixed a few memory leaks using Valgrind.

It starts…

Ok, finals are done and I’m through with grading for the semester. Time to begin!

So, I’ve just reinstalled Ubuntu and for the past day or two I’ve been making preparations for a smooth working environment. An SVN branch has been created for my tasks earlier today, so I can get started.

I’ll be working on the Return to Launcher feature first, and my initial goal is to modify the global run loop to return to the launcher when an engine exits, then use Valgrind to track down memory leaks.