Nearing the end

Since last post I have added RTL support for Tinsel. I’m currently working on getting meta-info for savestates such as thumbnails, save date, etc. to display in the launcher’s ‘Load’ dialog. I’m also working on adding support for deleting savestates from the launcher. Those two things I would really like to get done.

I would also like to implement the idea that Sev had, which was to add some engine flags for determining which engines support loading from the launcher. That way users would not be confused when there’s a load button, but some of the games won’t load without any explanation. These could possibly be used for RTL as well, so that engines which have a problem won’t give the user the option to RTL from the GMM.

I’ve looked into the crash that would happen in Kyra after RTL. There are some static structures that are causing the problem. I was able to get around it, but the code wasn’t pretty, and since I have many other priorities to attend to, I’ll have to leave it up to those people working on Kyra to find a more elegant solution for now. But at least I found the source of the problem.

As for the RTL crash related to Cine, I quickly looked at it, but was unable to pinpoint a specific cause. Hopefully the engine maintainers will look into this.

Here are the goals I have set for the next week and a half:

  • Savestate meta-info in the launcher
  • Deleting savestates in the launcher
  • Engine flags (for being able to load from launcher and RTL)
  • GMM Menubar with info (Scumm version, Engine name, possibly ScummVM logo)
  • Saving/Loading from the GMM (maybe)
  • Recheck memory leaks
  • Documentation