GSoC Week 9

GSoC 2017: Sludge Engine Week 9

Week task conclusion

Generally, this 9th week of GSoC project is focused on objectifying the code and adding new games. The objectifying takes more time predicted and I think I will continue to work on it next week and debug for new games.

Again, thanks to my mentors _sev(Eugene Sandulenko), t0by(Tobia Tesan) and all scummvm team members that has helped me during this week.

To make a brief conclusion about what we have achieved for this week :

  1. Objectify the code
    1. Timer
    2. Language Manager
    3. Resource Manager
    4. Object Manager
    5. Graphics Manager : 1 2 3
    6. Event Manager
    7. Sound Manager
    8. Text Manager
    9. Cursor Manager
  2. Add new games
    1. Out Of Order : playable without any mechanic bugs in the first scenes, I didn’t test it to the end though. However, there are several graphic bugs with backdrops and z-buffers that need to be fixed
    2. Frasse and the Peas of Kejick : playable without bugs in the first scenes
    3. The Interview : There is a crush concerning backdrop size when we go to scene 2, need to check
    4. Life Flashes By: There is a bug concerning save & load file detect. I think implementing the fileExists built-in function will solve it.
    5. A few windows-only games, with blank screen or only main menu works. I can’t understand why there’s windows-only sludge game. I think I’ll need the source code to have a check


The data files of the games mentioned above can be found in the repo :

What’s for next week: Fix games & Finish code objectifying

Tasks for next week :

  1. Finish code objectifying :
    1. Character Manager
    2. Stack Machine Manager
  2. Fix games
    1. Fix the animation issue in Robin’s Rescue : This issue is here for several weeks, didn’t have time to look deep into it as it’s a rather wierd one. This bug only exists in this game. No such bug in other games.
    2. The issues mentioned above