GSoC Week 12

GSoC 2017: Sludge Engine Week 12

Week task conclusion

Generally, this week is still focused on bug fixing and primary study of sound decoder.

Again, thanks to my mentors _sev(Eugene Sandulenko), t0by(Tobia Tesan) and all scummvm team members that has helped me during this week.

To make a brief conclusion about what we have achieved for this week :

  1. Bugs Fixed :
    1. Sprite darkness level bug
    2. Save&load looping sound bug
    3. zBuffer bug when burn sprites to backdrop
  2. A local branch in my fork for sound decoder has been created

As for the sound decoder, we’ve decided to use the the library micromod for it, which is a library including a converter from s3m, mod, xm to wav format. We find it impressive for its size and its capability to create a common loading structure for all three formats.

(Link to the repo on github :


What’s for next week: Importing micromod sound decoders & Bug fixing

Tasks for next week :

  1. Import the micromod sound decoder into scummvm
  2. make the 3 win-only games work