GSoC Week 8

GSoC 2017: Sludge Engine Week 8

Week task conclusion

Generally, this 8th week of GSoC project consists of a lot of code fixing and cleaning in order to merge it into the upstream.

The great news it that it’s been successfully merged and I’m able to contribute directly to the main repo now, which is quite cool. Which also means to be more careful about every commit from now on. Also, Sludge engine has been announced in the facebook page of scummvm.

Again, thanks to my mentors _sev(Eugene Sandulenko), t0by(Tobia Tesan) and all scummvm team members that has helped me during this week.


Before diving into the code objectifying, we find it’s better to do a thorough code cleaning first, remove the useles if 0’s and complete some critical functions.

To make a brief conclusion about what we have achieved for this week :

  1. Multi-lingual system added
    1. Multiple detection entries
    2. Change fallback detection
  2. Read/Write float to stream
  3. Replace char * by Common::Stringreplace sprintf
  4. Complete some graphic functions
    1. Parallax (not finish yet): Parallax layers can scroll at different speeds to the background image, giving the illusion of depth to a scene as it moves.
    2. Credit Scrolling
    3. Burn sprite to backdrop
    4. Paste sprite to backdrop
  5. Other code fixing and cleaning


What’s for next week: More games & Code objectifying

We gave a less priority to the code objectifying during this week but I think we are ready to start it from the next week, as the code cleaning has been generally finished.

Also, as there are a number of functions still untested, we think it’s better to test them with more games.

Tasks for next week :

  1. Add all sludge existing sludge games into detection list (include Out Of Order)
  2. Objectify the code and create classes
  3. Fix the animation issue in Robin’s Rescue