GSOC Update: Week 7

By the end of this week, almost all of the STUBs – save for the ones related to Sound – in my codebase have been resolved.

The game is getting in pretty good shape now, but it is still far from the point where you could start from the beginning and have a reasonable chance of beating the game. There are three major issues right now.

Current Problems

For starters, HDB is eating up a lot of unnecessary memory, so I’ll be patching up on all the uninitialized reads and memory leaks I have inadvertently caused.

Secondly, the game is riddled with bugs. Not the game crashing kind, but subtle bugs that ruin the experience. Examples include the enemies being unable to hit the player(though I bet certain players would call this a feature), some paths being blocked for no apparent reason, and most importantly, the first level in uncompletable right now.

Finally, I haven’t played through most of the stages and I’m willing to bet that there is still a lot of Lua 4.0 code in the Level code that needs to be patched. I don’t have enough Lua experience to tell this just from reading the files, so I’ll have to test out the game to find out wherever the Lua interpreter is crashing.


  1. Implemented Menu System
  2. Implemented the in-game Debug Mode
  3. Added support for the Quit Key
  4. Augumented the Command Line Level Select to choose between Action Mode and Puzzle Mode
  5. Implemented the Fade Functions
  6. Implemented the Snow Rendering Functions
  7. Implemented the Progress Bar/Loading Screen
  8. Added the Weapons Code so Guy can now attack and stun the enemies


  1. Fix Memory Leaks
  2. Fix gameplay bugs
  3. Add Lua patches