GSOC Update: Week 12

This is the last week of the GSoC program, and the PPC rendering problem has been fixed. I have created a PR for the HDB engine, and I’ll spend this week preparing Work Product Submission and fixing existing bugs.

The PR moving the Lua code to Common was also merged this week.

Current Problems

There are a few bugs left in the PPC version, and the Linux and PPC demos are crashing for one reason or another. For the Linux demo, I’m aware that the problem lies with the Sound data. When it is processing the Vorbis stream data, it crashes in the refill function. I’ll look there for the reason of the crash


  1. Fixed rendering issues with the PPC version
  2. Added mouse cursor for PPC version
  3. Fixed double click for PPC
  4. Finished lua-merge PR
  5. Fixed PPC updateFade function
  6. Fixed PPC Deliveries screen

Thanks to Eugene(sev) for help with the rendering code, updating the save system for PPC among other things and thanks to Arnaud(Strangerke) for help cleaning up the codebase.


  1. Complete level testing
  2. Ensure PPC and Linux demos are working
  3. Fix remaining bugs in PPC version