GSOC Update: Week 11

I have only a few weeks left until I have to make my Work Product Submission, and most of the larger problems have been dealt with. I have added support for the PPC version of HDB, so that should be playable.

Current Problems

There are a number of rendering bugs in the current PPC code. From pictures that are inverted, to font that is rendered as gibberish. Aside from that, I have found a few bugs in the codebase. They weren’t a problem in the Windows version, but seem to crash the game now. These issues need to be fixed before support for the PPC version can be considered final.

Another issue is that the PPC version is supposed to played with a stylus. As such, it does not have a cursor graphic. This is a problem since the game needs to be played on platforms that do not have a stylus.


  1. Added support for Linux version
  2. Sectioned off Windows/Linux specific code
  3. Added PPC-specific Delivery/Inventory code
  4. Fixed PPC crashes
  5. Fixed Player Input in PPC version

Thanks to sev(Eugene) for help with the PPC crashes, the Fade-In problem and thanks to Arnaud(Strangerke) for help with simplifying the codebase.


  1. Fix rendering issues with the PPC version
  2. Add mouse cursor for PPC version
  3. Ensure that Linux and PPC demos are working properly
  4. Complete level testing