GSOC Update: Week 1

The first week of GSoC is nearly over, so this seems to be the perfect opportunity for an update.


Starting on a positive note, let’s go over the things that well. When I originally planned my project, I expected that I will have to build the low-level subsystems before going on to anything higher-level. Now that I have had some time to go through the original engine’s codebase in depth, I have realized that I don’t need that much low-level work to basically get started. So, I am revising my expectations: I would likely spending a lot of time going back and forth between the low-level subsystems and the actual game code.

Moving towards the actual tangible accomplishments, I have gotten pretty comfortable working with Surfaces, and drawing things to the screen. I started by drawing lines, and then moved on to drawing from the data file. The filesystem I had setup before had a few errors and I spent most of yesterday rooting them out. But it definitely paid off since now I can extract the various tiles, pictures and maps from the MPC file.

Today, I finally nailed down the drawing from file portion. Now that I have a good understanding how to extract data through the ScummVM API, I have managed to draw images and tiles to the game screen. Below is a screenshot of the Logo Screen, with a Ground Tile put on top.

As far as Lua is concerned, I’m just getting started with it and its my next target. From the Lua code I have read in other engines, it seems I have write an extended Lua interpreter with code extensions. Seems doable, but I’m still trying to get a feel for the Lua-C API. As far as the compatibility problem is concerned, I’m going to go ahead with 5.1.3 right on, and add the compatibility file if errors start propping up.


  1. Setup the LuaScript code so I can load and execute Lua chunks.
  2. Understand the existing Lua code further, namely how to extend the default interpreter with new functions.
  3. Once the Lua system properly works, I can try to load the Lua and execute portions of the game.