Optimizing Graphics::ManagedSurface/TransparentSurface

Last post I talked about how we wanted to continue with what I was doing for the AGS blending code and apply it to the TransparentSurface code (and then eventually move that functionality into ManagedSurface). Well, it seems like I’ve done it! Here’s an overview of what I did: First I didn’t optimize anything but started by refactoring the code and making a ManagedSurface version of TransparentSurfaces’s blit function. Only after I refactored everything to a standard that I thought was pretty good, I started to optimize. After that, I did another round of refactoring and listening to my mentor’s critiques of my code and made the code as clean and fast as I could get it. Not much to show here, everything looks the same as it did before (hopefully lol), but there was a cool bug where sprites were about twice the size they should be, but I didn’t get a picture of it. Anyways, this might be my second or third to last blog post, so its getting to the end here.

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