The Last Weekend Before Coding Period Starts

Still very exited to be chosen as GSoC student for ScummVM, even though the project has been on my mind and had never left since early April, the first day I said hi in ScummVM’s Discord channel.

Curiously wondering what will happen in the future two months, seeing that there is so much work to do.

The Griffon PR took me two months and we have are only *close to* closing it, so I was thrilled when it took three days to make the intro of Dream Web talk. However a week or more has passed and the TTS for the room has not started…. Grateful for finding a handful of variables at the start of the week though.

The sad news is that I don’t know how to create a new pull request with the same branch I am working with. So I am watching a tutorial (highly recommended) suggested from plural sight suggested on the ScummVM Wiki.

Also learning how to use WordPress today. Today I learned how to pick a new theme, and add categories to posts.

Final note: My country had been very fortunate to go through more than a year with almost no local cases. We have been living normal lives since April or May, 2020. Only 3 weeks ago did local cases sprouted exponentially. I left the city and went home on the Friday night when 25 local cases were confirmed in the afternoon. There has been more than 100 cases from that day on, and I wonder when this will end.

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