What’s next

Well, looks like GSOC is coming to a conclusion.
These will be the last 10 days of it.

The actual code is basically in place and, so I’m told, not that far from mergeability.

At least one feature-branch allows for glitch-less completion of the two main games I initially set on supporting (Rosemary and Dirty Split), and I hope I can test more (there’s Carol Reed and a bunch of others).

While we are at it: Dirty Split is a FANTASTIC game and I deeply regret having to play it with a walkthrough because of time constraints.
It’s beyond awesome. Everything there is to love in a graphic adventure is there.
Do yourself a favor and check it out (and also, the Carol Reed games – also because these people are INCREDIBLY supportive).

What I’ll be doing next will be:

* Producing a profiling document (I’m midway through data gathering).
This will keep me busy until at least Sunday and will presumably help posterity in further improving performance.

* Producing a TODO-list re:features, bugs and optimizations which I haven’t been able to squeeze in yet.
I’ll most likely do this in the final day before the soft-deadline – that is, Sunday night or Monday.

Then during the last week I’ll probably be busy doing some emergency fixes and I’ll be doing some cleanup, documenting and refactoring, plus squeezing some playtesting here and there (playtesting is an excellent activity to do when you are too cooked to do anything else).

I expect documentation-writing to come last (did I mention I also write documentation like a cow?), so I’ll probably be doing that during the very last couple of days, with cleanup of the actual code and refactoring taking the first half of the week.

There’s not *that* many obvious targets for refactoring, in fact – the code is quite clean, plus some has already been done in-branch.
I still hope I’ll be able to bring it up a notch or two.