GROOVIE Engine & SHERLOCK Engine & LURE Engine – Week 6


Groovie games are point and click games so they do not need keys to navigate hence I only needed to add one key to the keymapper. I t did have a long and strenuous way of handling key input so had to create functions and variable to access the Action stored.
Here is the PR.


Working on GROOVIE could be considered the calm before the storm. This is the first time I am unable to finish an engine. SHERLOCK Engine has two games, the tattoo game and the rose game. The Tattoo game was conventional and you could easily track how key inputs were being handled, unfortunately I was unable to figure out the pipeline of how keys are processed from EVENT_KEYDOWN to the use of each of the below variables in the rose game. This is how they stored the key inputs. I couldn’t track this back to EVENT_KEYDOWN. So the hotkeys come from game data that might be localized with the game, it seemed to me that I was using up too much time without making progress so after requesting my mentors I decided to move on to another engine. Unfortunately, I haven’t created a PR as there is no actual progress to be seen.

LURE Engine

Finally, back to working on engines where EVENT_KEYDOWN is being utilized. There was something unique about this engine and that is there are multiple places where events are being polled unlike previous engine all did it one place, it did make it easier to enable and disable keymap, Another thing, the escape key did multiple different actions but still I considered it all as one action for the clarity, for example it could be used to quit game in main screen or exit the save/restore game popups, i thought maybe, if needed, it is better for user to change key for all of them with one click rather than going to each individual action and changing the key.
Here is my PR.

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