CINE Engine & STARK Engine & CRUISE Engine – Week 5

CINE Engine

It is a lot fun to do testing on if the game is has a beautiful aesthetic and CINE games are one of those. Personally I feel I am getting better at identifying keys and how to tackle engine specific code but CINE has pretty simple and organized code bloc for taking in input so It was usual way of creating a Keymap. Once I did that I realized I forgot to take into account Joy commands so had to fix that.
Here is my PR.

STARK Engine

When I looked at the STARK game, it was intimidating, for some reason I expected the keymap to be more complex but none the less it was simple too, nothing out of the ordinary. hence I was able to complete it with little resistance.
Here is my PR.


CRUISE Engine is made by the same company that made CINE Engine. It was weird because it was the first Engine I had seen using global variable to hold keycode, so I did the same by introducing action which holds the state of customAction.

Another big issue I had faced was the way pause is handled is very unorthodox so I had to introduce a variable endPause to handle that.

And also I had to enable endpause as true on any joy input/mouse input/key input, and disable before kActionPause is checked to replicate behavior similar to before the keymap was introduced
Here is my PR.

Additional Details

As of now these PRs are being reviewed and I have note made the requested changes, will have to do after this blog.

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