A new beginning with GSoC

I haven’t written anything in this blog for a very long time, and since I have been selected to participate in Google Summer of Code, it seems to be a good time to get back.

It is a great opportunity to be a part of GSoC, but joining ScummVM is something that even my little sister got excited ( I told her, I will be working with people whom made monkey island work on her computer). I am at the beginning of everything right now. I haven’t even read through the engine code, yet the scummVM code base. I don’t know how to proceed, I don’t have the game I am supposed to work on. On the other hand, this is how anybody starts working, isn’t it?

My project is to objectify Cruise engine. the cruise engine is a modified version of the cine engine, and used in the game cruise for a corpse. It is already a part of the scummVM, but written in plain C. I am going to be working on this all summer, and posting new entries frequently so anybody interested can keep an eye easily.