Best Way Of Exception Handling: SegFault

This week I worked on some list strucks. First one was backgroundIncrustStruct, that holds previous and next pointers, and the variables that composes backgroundincrust. I thought having the list and the class together complicates code too much, so I decided to split it in two. I had some concerns but everything worked out, and I decided to go on, trust the original engine developers.

generally, you push and pull, but sometimes, git fights back!

This was my last week of finals, so I expected to speed up, but things does not always work out as you expect, are they?

The problem started when I need to merge the upstream(main ScummVM repository) changes. Updating the master branch was pretty easy since I did not do any changes, only a fast-forward was enough but when it come to rebasing my working branch, things get complicated.

With The First Commit

I have pushed my first commit to github this week.Althought it seems quite big (~300 lines), it is variable rename mostly, no real coding was done. Even this commit made working easier, experimenting is fun, and it makes me feel that I am making progress.

I am going to modify some smaller files this week to speed up, and hoping this way I can clear my way of thinking about objectification a little more. Getting small parts done also can make further modifications smaller, and easier to understand when anybody wants to study them.

I am also thinking about writing down a new schedule. Since I changed my approach to project, my old timeline is useless for first 7-8 weeks at least. Having a schedule, and milestones, deadlines for that milestones helps keeping motivation high.