AGOS Engine – Week 2

DISCLAIMER: I had my exams for a week, hence I could not make sufficient progress

After my previous commit my mentors had made me realize that I did not take into account the game controller players. My keymaps would not identify controller key binds. Below review shows that I had made these two major errors, rest were small like naming conventions etc.

I was able to insert the yes/no option easily into the keymap. But the issue arose on how could we check if any of the controller key binds have been pressed. First I tried to loop through the const HardwareInputTableEntry defaultJoystickButtons[] and add all button into the keyMap action but I was advised that it is not the right way as it would look too cluttered when keyMap is accessed by the user. As of Saturday I am still stuck at this and hopefully I will be able to come up with a solution by the end of the day as next week I have to focus on another engine.

PR: Github

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