Saving and bug fixing – part one

Hello everyone!

I spent most of this week trying to find and fix bugs that had left in game code and to implement last engine functions. I’ll write about the most important ones.
I also implemented basic game saving / loading, so it should speed up my testing work.

First thing that I managed to finish this week is the map location. It’s a little bit different from normal locations. There was a problem with masks and objects, which should hide undiscovered parts of map.

Objects (edges of map and black shapes) are drawn on background surface only once, at location loading, and they are removed from objects list after it. This new surface become a current background, so when masks are drawn (check here), they don’t show as discovered parts. In this location masks are triggered only by hero and they are used to hide him when he’s walking across unexplored places.

Map location – temple exploring Left – before / Right – after

Second thing that I implemented was algorithm for map exploring animation. I changed the original one a little, but final effect should still be the same or very similar:

Map during exploring – Temple Left – original / Right – ScummVM

I was working on implementation of blackPalette() and setPalette() functions. They are used when hero changes location and they allow to gradually change color palette from normal to black and vice-versa.

Location no. 1 – Graveyard Palette blackout

Game saving and loading is working only during the runtime now. You can’t load your save-game from a launcher, but it’s working similar to original game (you always start from the beginning in it and you have to skip intro animation to load your game). I’ll think on updating it later, when everything else will be done.

I aslo made huge update in sounds and midi music part. I get rid of all memory leaks in it and now all sounds (not only hero and mobs voices) are playing correctly. We can hear gravedigger polishing graves or owl sounds for example.

Rest of things that I fixed this week:

  • position of texts in wider locations and fix for inventory texts
  • hero special animation drawing (still without shadows)
  • mob priority list (order of mobs names drawing)
  • bear form animation crashes
  • pathfinding update
  • blocked RMB menu on map mobs

I’m going to work on fixing rest of existing bugs this week and maybe implement rest of ScummVM’s Advanced Engine Features.