It has been three weeks since GSoC results have been announced. All this while I have been working with sev to get a head start on the project. Although I started working on the project pretty early, I haven’t gotten a chance to talk about the progress we have made. since this my first post talking about GSoC, let me take this opportunity to introduce myself and bring you up to speed on our progress.

Hey, I am kunxl! currently I am third year undergraduate student at IIT Jodhpur. Lately I have been tinkering around with graphics programming using Vulkan and openGL.

Over the summer I will be working on porting the QdEngine to ScummVM. To give the readers an idea of ScummVM, it is a software that allows users to play old adventure games across all platforms. It does so by modifying the underlying engine-runtime with its in house APIs, that abstract away the operating system. QdEngine is an engine built by KD-Labs. The most popular game made using this engine is Pilot Brothers 3.

The code for the engine is open source. So far we have managed to compile most of the required project files. In the coming weeks we would be linking our code and hopefully be able to display some graphics onto the screen. I wouldn’t go into actual code changes that I made; I’ll save that for future blogs XD.

This is a hefty project, and hence I expect to make significant progress week by week. I’ll keep you posted on our progress.

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