Last Week of GSoC

As of yesterday, the Summer of Code coding period is now officially over. With my last official week of GSoC, Meet MediaBand‘s second music video “UnDo Me” is now mostly working. I hoped to show off a fully working version this week, but getting it perfect requires some changes to the common video decoder. I’ve implemented these changes, but I still need to do more debugging, and I won’t be able to merge them until the 2.5.0 code freeze is over anyway. After that, I just need to implement the PopMenu XObject and fix a handful of bugs, and Meet MediaBand should be fully functional!

This concludes my second year and final year of GSoC, so I’d like to thank ScummVM for taking me on as a student, and Google for providing funding. Even though GSoC is over, my work on the Director engine definitely is not.

I set out to implement a Macromedia Director 8.5 player from scratch in 2017, starting a short-lived project separate from ScummVM. Eventually, I wised up and joined work on the ScummVM Director player, and my two summers of contributions have helped the player to reach Director 2 support, with Director 3 and 4 on the verge of stability. I’ve begun plotting out what needs to be done to support future Director versions, and while I won’t be able to dedicate as much time to this project going forward, I do hope to eventually see a Director 8.5 player through.

I’ll post a full summary of this year’s GSoC later this week. Once I have MediaBand fully done, I’ll do another progress update, so look out for that soon. 🙂

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