Back to Work

I’m finally back to work on the Director engine, returning for a second year of Google Summer of Code!

As I just got started again, I don’t have a ton of progress to share yet, but in the past few days I’ve:

  • Fixed “autohilite” detection. Certain sprites invert their colors on click, depending on several different factors which were previously not properly handled.
  • Improved version handling. All movie/cast loading functions now use the version number stored in the file instead of the global VM version. This lets the engine properly handle games with files created in different Director versions.
  • Fixed flickering when switching from frames with digital video.
  • Made --dump-scripts patch the offsets in movie extracted from executables, correcting them so that they can be opened in Director or ProjectorRays.

I’ve also made a good deal of progress on my Lingo decompiler ProjectorRays in the last few months. The number of Lingo features that can been decompiled has been greatly improved, with only a few opcodes left to implement. In addition, Shockwave DCR movies are now supported, and I’ve begun releasing development builds for Windows. The tool should be extremely helpful understanding and debugging Director 4 movies, which have no source code.

Now onward to more Director 4 Lingo. 😀️

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