Week1 – Start

In the first week, my main task was to replace the original PHP server code with Python code. My plan was to use the Flask library to create a web server.

During the first week, I primarily focused on rewriting all the functions in the original db_functions.php file. This mainly involved operations related to MySQL and SQL statements, so I used the pymysql library to complete the rewrite. The commit record is here:


However, the appearance displayed on the web page cannot be generated as simply as in PHP using statements like echo "<h2><u>Fileset: {$id}</u></h2>";. It needs to be rendered through Flask. Therefore, my focus for the next week will be on the design of the appearance (tables, forms).

As of now, I haven’t encountered any significant technical difficulties. It’s just that there is quite a bit of code that needs to be replaced, so it will take some time.

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