Week 2 Progress & Understanding QuickTime Virtual Reality

Hey everyone! 👋🏻

It’s time for another update on my GSoC journey. Week 2 brought forth numerous challenges and learning experiences. Let’s delve into the details of the work I completed.

Task 1: Line Thickness Does Not Work as Expected

While this task seemed simple at first, it turned out to be a bit more involved than expected. The issue was that lines weren’t rendering correctly when certain thickness values were set.

The fix itself was straightforward, but I needed to spend time understanding the intended behavior in Director. This involved creating test movies to compare the line rendering in ScummVM vs Director.

Task 2: Enhancing QuickTime Player with New Chunks and Opcodes

QuickTime Virtual Reality (QTVR) is a special type of file that lets you experience panoramic images and 3D objects in a more interactive way. It’s like a 360-degree photo that you can move around in and explore.

The aim is to enhance ScummVM’s QuickTime player with VR capabilities by incorporating new chunks and opcodes. But before starting with the implementation, I spent time reviewing and understanding the necessary documents and resources, which will help guide the implementation.


Week 2 is complete, but the GSoC adventure is far from over. Stay tuned for more updates on my progress!

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